Dr. Jose Vitto

Dr. Vitto is a triple board certified physician with more than 25 years of experience.

He graduated top of class in medical school and then he started his residency training in Surgery and Anesthesiology at Indiana University, which is the Largest Medical School in United States of America.

He also graduated top of his class from Residency and then he did 2 fellowships. He did fellowship in Interventional Pain Management and Spine at Indiana University as well and years later he also did a fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery in New Jersey where he trained specifically in Cosmetic Surgery with Sedation and Local Anesthesia which gives the patients the benefit of Cosmetic Surgery without the risks or costs from General Anesthesia.

He also has done fellowships and training courses in Regenerative Medicine and Anti-aging Medicine, including training course at Harvard University.

He believes in not only helping people look good but also he believes in helping people feel good and slow down aging with Anti-aging treatments, weight loss programs, regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery and that’s why he has extensive training and experience in all those fields of medicine.

Dr. Vitto is bilingual and loves traveling around the world not only for pleasure, but mostly to learn and apply his knowledge for the benefit of his patients.

Dr. Vitto being trained in all these specialties gives you a truly unique and special multidisciplinary approach to help his patients with different problems, most of them related to external aging of the body and face and internal pain from spine and joint degeneration.

No other doctor can give you all this knowledge in one place.

Also as CEO and Founder of VITTO MD and VITTO MD plastic surgery anti-aging center, he leads and supports his amazing team of surgeons and medical professionals to provide excellence in our state of the art plastic surgery / anti-aging center and our beautiful medical spa.

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