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Biopolymer Removal

What is biopolymer removal surgery?

This palliative surgery seeks to reduce the presence of polymers, liquid silicone and methylmethacrylate in the skin and muscle, minimizing damage to normal adipose tissue. A partial removal of these components is performed, prioritizing those that can be removed without risk to important tissues. The incision is strategically made at the top and hidden under the underwear line. This procedure improves skin flaccidity and pigmentation changes. The goal is to remove as much biopolymer as possible.

Gluteal reconstruction

Gluteal reconstruction is essential for patients who experience asymmetries, irregularities or sequelae of a biomaterial after biopolymer removal. Before initiating this process, it is crucial to meet several criteria.

  • Confirm by diagnostic imaging that more than 85% of the product has been removed.
  • Obtain negative results in immunological markers of severity.
  • Be symptom free.No previous gluteal implants.

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