8585 Sunset Drive Suite# 107Miami, Fl 33143

Dr. Jose Vitto

Dr. Vitto is the CEO and Founder of Vitto MD Surgery Center and Medical Spa He leads a team of highly trained and skilled cosmetic surgeons, and a highly specialized team of medical professionals, who provide exceptional care and results for their patients. Vitto MD has patients who come from all over the world to receive care at its state of the art facility located in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Vitto’s philosophy is that VittoMD’s patients are offered the best health care when they are most informed about their options and procedures. His goal is to ensure patients are comfortable and confident in their care. Dr. Vitto and his team are committed to patientcentered care that respects patient’s preferences, values and needs while at the same time achieving the world-class results his patients have come to expect.

At the very early age of 13, Dr. Vitto, who already had been blessed with a passion for being a doctor, had the privilege of experiencing the operating room setting with his father, a renowned and highly respected surgeon. With his father’s guidance, Dr. Vitto saw firsthand how the medical profession could indeed change patient’s lives in a positive way.

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