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Chin Support – Chin Strap
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Chin Support – Chin Strap



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Our Professional Face Definer is your secret ally to achieve a perfectly contoured facial appearance and highlight your natural beauty.
Forma Tu Cuerpo has a perfect face shaper to define the face is completely thin, compressive and anatomical ideal to provide support to the parts of the face that need compression.
The face defining girdle is completely free ears that gives comfort and freedom when using the product, its velcro elastic allows greater elongation to the face.
Our product is ideal for procedures such as bichectomy, jowl lipo, facelift among others.

  • Precise Facial Contouring: Designed to achieve a perfectly contoured facial appearance and enhance natural beauty.
  • Unique Design: The girdle is thin, compressive and anatomical, providing support where compression is needed on the face.
  • Ear Freedom: Totally free of the ears, providing comfort and freedom of movement during use.
  • Adjustable Elasticity: Velcro elastics allow for greater elongation and customized fit to the face.

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